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106 112 Introducing NoteBook 4 (Jayson)
06:09PM, May 06, 2014
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Genius Bar

2481 8944 Re: Web Clipping and insert... (BlueKnight)
Today, 12:39AM

NoteBook Tips and Tricks

466 1895 Re: voice annotate questions (Eric)
04:41PM, Oct 14, 2014

NoteBook for iPad

Tips, questions, discussion related to NoteBook for iPad.
177 690 Re: Clipping web pages (nick101)
09:39AM, Oct 29, 2014

NoteBook on the Web

106 427 Re: ftp export not working (Eric)
07:06PM, Jul 19, 2014

The Great NoteBook Template Swap

57 1184 Re: Work Notebook Template (Whitenuckle)
04:39PM, Oct 16, 2014
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NoteBook and 'Getting Things Done'

88 366 Re: Superfind Title - how t... (dclemis)
05:27PM, Aug 01, 2014

NoteBook in Mac-based Law Practice

27 106 Re: Circus Ponies NoteBook ... (nick101)
03:31PM, Aug 11, 2014

Writers Using NoteBook

47 267 Convert screenplay into out... (rshs)
02:54AM, Aug 03, 2014

NoteBook in Education

54 208 Re: PhD (TScheufen)
03:33PM, Aug 11, 2014

NoteBook and Home-Schooling

4 16 How do you use NB for your ... (BMT)
04:23PM, Jul 30, 2014

NoteBook in SciTech

15 73 Re: Turning smart quotes off (Eric)
06:28AM, Sep 25, 2014

NoteBook and Genealogy

6 24 Re: Research Notebooks (Cindy)
01:50PM, Dec 22, 2013

NoteBook en français

9 33 Re: Notebook in french (Jayson)
09:11PM, Aug 13, 2009

NoteBook auf Deutsch

14 38 Re: Notebook 4 crasht ständig (matthias)
11:48AM, May 11, 2014

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12:39am It already does this. Look at the margin to the left. In the margin is a symbol and if you click ...
6:11pm I was wondering if I can create my own notebook page?  If so, where do I find the instructions?  ...
5:57pm When clipping from Safari, is there a way to have the clip engine also insert the URL where the c...
29. Oct
3:55pm I agree with nick101 and suspect this is an OS X issue, especially since when you Google         ...
29. Oct
9:39am Nothing from CP yet - the new IOS8 extensions work well in some other apps (Omnifocus, Evernote) ...
29. Oct
9:38am This can be caused if you use more than one display, or if you use Spaces. I don't think it's CPN...
29. Oct
3:56am Has there been any further discussion on this topic?  I have CPN 4 PB ipad, but I don't see clipp...
29. Oct
3:55am Using notebook 4.0.6 on a MacBook pro running OS X 10.9.5.    In the console log, I get hundreds ...
22. Oct
5:11pm I'm sure there are many improvements, but NoteBook 4 also has some changes that make it very diff...
21. Oct
3:14am FWIW:    * NoteBook 4 has major improvements over Notebook 3 in both speed and a smoother UI.  * ...